Cider made from real fruit
© Cape Times Friday 12th December 2014 How did you spend the last weekend in November? I was torn – literally – torn this year between what are traditionally two of my favourite events – the Franschhoek MCC & Champagne Festival and the Cape Town Festival of Beer. Holding them on the same days was cruel... 

It’s a match

- Oct 17th, 2014
It's a match
© Cape Times Friday 17th October 2014 Is food and wine matching a real art or a load of rubbish? It’s a fair question with every hotel and restaurant offering wine-matching dinners and events, every recipe site suggesting the best tipple to suit the food and every back label on every bottle giving droolicious ideas... 

Awards do matter

- Sep 19th, 2014
Awards do matter
© Cape Times Friday 19th September 2014 It seems to be competition season again and my inbox is reeling under the weight of yet another announcement of yet another gold medal/top trophy/five star rating from yet another competition of some kind or other around the world. Excuse me if I seem a bit cynical but with... 

Why praise women?

- Aug 29th, 2014
Why praise women?
© Cape Times Friday 29th August 2014 Several years ago, I was a judge on a competition for South African women winemakers which, even at the time, I found a little confusing because I can’t really see that a wine made by a woman is going to be any better or worse than one made by a man. The theory behind the competition... 
Celebrating a landmark
© Cape Times Friday 13th June 2014 2014 is definitely the Year of Anniversaries. Of course the most important one is the celebrations of Twenty Years of Freedom, remembering the 1994 elections which signalled a new era of hope and excitement for many. So it’s probably no coincidence that a lot of businesses date... 
When is a dry wine not a dry wine?
© Cape Times Friday 16th May 2014 South Africa has one of the most regulated wine industries in the world – which is great for consumers because it means that we can enjoy the wines we drink, safe in the knowledge that they contain only what the label says they contain and that their provenance is minutely-recorded... 
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