Swartland - an apology
No f***ing Merlot’. I think those were the words of Miles in ‘Sideways’ and now I see David Clarke using them for his Ex Animo trade show next week. No probs with that, I’d be amongst the first to agree that maybe Merlot hasn’t been SA’s strongest point in the past and if you’ve got a quality-led portfolio... 

Does size matter?

- Aug 14th, 2015
Does size matter?
© Cape Times Friday 17th July 2015 Since it appears that Women’s Month is all about spas, spoils and silliness and has nothing to do with remembering the events of 1956, I thought I’d continue in a very ‘fnarr fnarr’ frame of mind and ask – does size matter? Of course, I’m talking about wine bottles –... 

Schoolyard, vineyard

- Jul 17th, 2015
Schoolyard, vineyard
© Cape Times Friday 17th July 2015 “In a cottage ‘neath the mountain was the seed of Wynberg sown.” This is the school song of Wynberg Boys High, one of the oldest boys’ schools in the Western Cape, which is celebrating its 175th birthday next year. The metaphor develops further and is clearly about nurturing... 
Wines worth the wait.
© Cape Times Friday 26th June 2015 According to all the stats, the majority of wines are drunk within a few hours of purchase, most people barely having time to chill them down before knocking them back. It’s all a part of our ‘instant gratification’ generation – ain’t nobody got time for laying down wines... 
10 Things you can learn with Vertical Tasting
© Cape Times Friday 15th May 2015 Firstly – what’s a ‘vertical tasting’? Nope – not one conducted standing up (nor is a horizontal tasting one where you end up measuring your length on the floor. Although that happens. From time to time.), it’s where you taste a series of different vintages of the same... 

Malbec Musings

- Apr 17th, 2015
Malbec Musings
© Cape Times Friday 17th April 2015 Recently, I’ve been musing on Malbec, one of the ‘also-ran’ grapes in a red Bordeaux blend. Yes, I said red Bordeaux and I bet a few of you thought that that stopped at Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot didn’t you? Actually, there are six black grape varieties permitted in Bordeaux... 
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